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I felt inspired to revisit (and will again and again) and say ‘what a bloody fantastic site!’

It’s funny and witty, with a sprinkling of seriousness especially in the ‘Conspiracy Fact’ section, (I always thought that conspiracies were theories, but now I know better … so thanks for that. Oh, those Russians!)

I love/ed the Wonky eBook shop more than any of my five ex-wives and purchased a couple of titles for extremely reasonable prices and let me say, for the smiles I got, what a great investment! (I said that at each wedding reception too; I should have married five Wonky eBooks, at the very least I would have received a title with each one).
Thank you all so, so much for bringing Nuddybongo magazine to the online world, it’s a happy pill bucket-loads of people would benefit from.

Charlie Wilbert.


The Wonky eBook Shop

The Wonky eBook Shop, an Aladdin's Cave of 'Believable-Bizarro'ebooks


Loads of amusing ebooks for you to read on your e reader; some free.

To Wonky eBooks

Want a Quick Flash with Believable Bizarro ebooks?



The Cave of the Art of Common Sense

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The Garden Pond

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Chipmunks and Beer

Professor John Mistle, an expert on rodents and Christmas drinking habits contacted Nuddybongo magazine and explained how he was incensed by two small news articles he had found in a popular tabloid. So incensed was he, he felt he had to explain properly so there was no confusion for rodent lovers and those confused about the glorious art of Christmas drinking.

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The Good Old NHS

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The Eskimos are coming

by Eskimo Expert Les D Mclusky

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The place wouldn’t be the same without them ...

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Is 'MORNING SICKNESS' a thing of the past?

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I went to a coffee evening the other night ...

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The world according to a Mulberry

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Nuddybongo's Sparkly People

This is a feature which celebrates those who walk amongst us who deserve to be on the New Year's Honours list, for thier services to society.


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Nuddybongo magazine were lucky enough to talk to 'amusing murder case 'story collector Mr Norman Clipmaeon. Norman was toying with the idea of writing a book featuring the amusing murder stories he has compiled. Here are three of them.

Murder link



Lets Malarky About


New stuff on the way


Dear Eunice


The Bad Relationship Expert

Eunice is an expert in counselling people's relationship problems

To Hell


The Room of the Unknown Poet


This monthly article will give unknown , yet great poets some exposure

to the world of poetry lovers and also people who 'hate' poetry.

To this months unknown poet


The Ace Historian


The truth about history , not the rubbish you read in academic books.

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The Horticulture Club

A monthly club where green fingered expert Percine Chucker answers readers questions

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