I went to a coffee evening the other night in my place of part time residence. The meeting mainly consists of people over eighty years of age and snot-nosed youngsters like me at fifty-seven (the new 30).
It is (as I see it) my duty to keep these people thinking healthy thoughts as minds do tend to go on a decline slide after a long time looking at old age which surrounds them (and most people) for years convincing them that that is what happens; eventually, the mind-programme engulfs them and the Grim Reaper’s right hand man, ‘decline’ claims them.
This healthy thought thing is sometimes fun to do by having a mystery object guessing game.
Because my sologamy wedding ring is loose, I searched for a way of making it tighter without having a lump chopped out. I came across a polymer corkscrew/spring thing which wraps around the ring and therefore makes It tighter; guess what, it works!





So, these golden oldies are pulling, fiddling with, and luckily not chewing the lengths of the stuff (you need about half an inch per ring). Eventually, I had to tell them. There was a moment of “oh that’s clever! Etc.”
So, what next?
They began “My ring is loose …”
I became a ring adjustment specialist.
The next day I was able to reap the rewards, as in the same are as others I could ‘legally’ ask “Hello Millie, how’s your RING this morning? Not giving you any more trouble I hope?!
Later on that day, I had a text from her doctor, it said “Hoi! You leave my patient alone!”
Apparently, he likes to play a game with a latex glove.